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Monday, August 29, 2011

1989 Called and they said this was ugly even back then!

Now that's just mean. I'm sure in some office in some walk of life at some point this was the MAC DADDY of office waiting room chairs. I'm just sure of it. But because of their obvious hideousness I got them for 4$ a piece... not bad for real wood and soft cushions. So I sanded down the chair recovered the seat and now it's like modern and fashionable and all around fantastic! I love love this makeover!!! By the way the tag on the bottom that you're suppose to leave on or else you'll go to jail.. ya that one, well somebody took that pretty seriously because the original tag was on i and it said June 1989... So I thought it would be fun to see what was happening in 1989
Well Reagen was president (ah the good ol' days) Kelly and Zack were being broken up by A.C. Slater, The Berlin wall was coming down, Hurricane Hugo (which I lived through) hit Charleston S.C. as cat 4, New Kids on the Block were hotter than Katy Perry or Beyonce and apparently this chair was an asset in any up and coming office place. Go figure