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Monday, June 29, 2015

My mama's dining room

Saturday mornings in my household are usually hoppin' we have somewhere to be, something to clean up, something to paint, a birthday to celebrate, something to set up or just something. period.  But once in a very blue moon we are free.  So I woke up one Saturday on such a blue moon and me and the hubs went to a garage sale and found a sweet dining room set just for us.  It is THE EXACT same set my mama has had for 25 plus years.  Thomasville shiny cherry wood table with 2 extensions and foam covering, china hutch, and wet bar.  SCORE!!!! Now this might not be your idea of a fantastic dreamy Saturday but for me it was SUCCESS!  Although this set is pretty nice as is, the seat cushions had been left out in the rain and were all mil-dewy and stained.  Apparently there was an ugly divorce and some furniture ended up outside in the rain.. People can be so childish but the silver lining is that I got a sweet set to redo.