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Monday, June 27, 2011

Love handles!!!!


This dresser was at the D.I. and I knew it had potential, but I didn't know how hard it would be to paint!!!! I also have no idea why everything is underlined!


This dresser turned out LOVELY! However I don't know that I would ever paint on solid pine again... for me it was kind of a nightmare. Maybe it was just this particular pine, but either way it soaked up my paint so fast it took several coats where it should have only taken two. I'm loving the handles added to the drawers. Plus they were less than 2 bucks a piece and if I would have gone with the knobs I would have had to double it up since there were double the holes!!! I'm too smart, and cheap for all that mess, so the "love handles" won out! Hope you like it too. Paint color was Glidden Pink Carnation. I was originally going to only do pink, but when I was finished it looked too much like pepto bismal!! Yoinks :/ I think the white outlines really make it stand out!