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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Country kitchen to pinterest pretty!

My besty who shalln't remain nameless... Shalln't shorn't Rachel Smith from had a solid country style table. She has had this for about 5 years now and it was a hand-me-down back then. There is nothing wrong with this table structurally or functionally, but cosmetically it needed a little work. So that's exactly what we did. I was visiting her and she showed me what she wanted on pinterest. I'm trying to learn all about the thing but still using the old interface on blogger so I doubt I'll be successful, anyways we headed off to the home depot and we were on a mission! We started this project around noon one day and it would have been done that very night if it weren't for those pesky kids and their snooping dog, wait nope that's not quite what happened. Actually the pesky kids thing is somewhat true, but we had other obligations. It was finished the next day by Rachel and it turned out Mind boggling beautiful, tastefull and terriffic!
As for the tutorial I'll give it quickly, but if you want a full detailed one just ask in the comment bar and leave your email and I  will give you the full rundown!

We completely sanded the top of each surface, chairs bench and table top.  Then we used a walnut stain.  We didn't even sand the legs we just painted them this pretty turquoise color.  Then we sanded the legs down past the black underneath paint and added the same walnut stain.  Then put a glaze on the blue and a polyurithane coat on the stain!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Yes this dresser was old school, plain, cliche of a boys room in the 80's, but I loved it. I was excited to work with this. I've been craving (I know crave is a weird word for redoing furniture) anywhoo I can only speak the truth and I truly was craving to work with planked wood like this. Why? Well if it isn't obvious why, then I'll tell ya, it's because there is something so planky about it. No really it's just very natural and old fashioned. It's fun to re-invent furniture and give it a new life, but sometimes just sometimes it's fun to restore furniture instead of of redoing it. Now I know it's original life wasn't completely the same but just painting the wood and staining the planks felt like it was suppose to be this way instead of giving it a new life altogether. Am I rambling? Oh well NOBODY EVER comments on this blog anyways, so it's sort of like I'm talking to myself..... Maybe I'll make a comment, then it will be like I'm not only talking to myself but now I'm answering myself too!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What is black and White and you can sit down on it?

My next post.... okay very lame, but true. These sad and extremely weathered chairs were destined for the dump but all they needed was a little remix and imagination and they are now ready for a photoshoot!

The chairs seemed like they had been outside in the weather for a while I wasn't sure if the wood was rotted but at 6 bucks a chair I figured I could take a chance. When I got them home my husband was (as usual) a doubting debbi, but as soon as we got the sandpaper on these bad boys we saw that the wood was actually really good and sturdy. Remember y.ou can NEVER go wrong with black and white. In selling furniture that is the #1 thing I have learned. Black and White however boring or usual it is WILL SELL!!!! I have redone masterful, unique, playful, beautiful and fun chairs... I love them and so does everyone else but most of us are too afraid of those adjectives. We tend to stick with the "status quo" whatever is safest. I went out on a limb with these and chose a zebra print. I think it makes the chairs a little more daring! They have since found a new home and what was once junk is now a jump up to fabulous!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

This little lamp of mine!!!

This plain old boring lamp once sat on the shelf of a thrift store.  I noticed it's condition and thought hmmm, not bad.  Then when I looked inside and saw that there was a lightbulb with it and that the price tag was 3$ I thought... "Yes, I will buy you, I will paint you, and clothe you and you will be happy" 

So that's exactly what I did.  A can of spray paint from the Home Depot, some leftover scrap fabric, a hot glue gun and some patience and this is ready for a botique!~