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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mid life crisis turned into mid century modern

Chairs are my FAVORITE redo.  I may have mentioned that before. I found this gal in the Goodwill and brought her home for only 5$ I purchased this amazing fabric from Joanne's and a can of spray paint. 

 Yep that is all it took to bring this chair out of depression.  It was a super comfy chair and great bones it just needed to actually be something someone would want to sit on and put in their home.  I washed the chair down and let it dry then reupholstered the fabric.  I then took the chair outside and spray painted it.  I think I only used half a can and then boom it has a new life. 

I actually really liked the look with the chair the same wooden color mid tones and the new fabric but thought it would be harder to sell since it's sort of funky and non traditional so I had to paint it black.  But black ALWAYS sells!