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Sunday, July 26, 2015

The 40's NEVER looked so GOOD!

My hair dresser text me and asked me if I'd be interested in her dining room table and chairs.  It was a family heirloom type piece.  When she sent me a picture of it I immediately told her to take to some place where she could get exactly what it was worth.  She declined and asked me to make her an offer.  I did, she agreed and I was now able to bring home a little piece of her family. This table is from the 1940's .  It had 2 leafs and 10 chairs.  I decided to keep 4 of the chairs separate and use them with a different table.  This table top is gorgeous it's downright unfair.  The chairs have this curvy woodwork on the front that is so beautiful and unique.  For being so old it is in exceptional condition.  It went from the 40's and that attic to a bright coastal relevant stunning show stopper of a piece. If I do say so myself.  I absolutely love how she turned out.