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Sunday, June 30, 2013

New identity

This was a fun little project because it was for a friend, which I don't often do, not because I don't want to just because usually my projects are for random strangers I've never met. This is a pottery barn children's table that was accidentally left outside overnight. Well here in the south that isn't good. There could be absolutely no sign of a storm and boom you've got 10" of rain like that. So I wanted to give this table the same purpose with a new identity. Something it could be proud of. What better than a namesake?
First I sanded down the beat up worn down rained on top, next I put sticker letters on the table then I spray painted it white, then I used a staining pen that you can get at any big box store and filled in the letters, finally I used minwax stain lightly all over it to give it a warm look.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

***Rockin' Chair****

I love thriftin' through the Goodwill and other stores like it. I came across this little number and it was like I heard 80's music start to play, leading me to this old fixer upper. I brought it home and started immediately. Every now and then I see a piece that I know what I want to do the second I see it. This was one of those items. 04-10+12.34.22.jpg" /> There wasn't much prep work on this piece. I vacuumed the seat and back (They were eh stinky) and washed the wood. Then I spray painted it white and covered the seats with this very fun and trendy fabric. I love this. I can see it in a nursery or as an accent piece in many different settings.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So you remember these super 70's 80's tv consoles?  Yep me too, they're everywhere again these days just with a new wardrobe on.  Since t.v. cabinets have kind of gone extinct (as far as using them for t.v.'s anyways) these bad boys have made a retro come back!  Don't she look great in her new style?  I thought so, either way this console has a rebirth and only cost me 99 cents, yes less than a pack of gum!