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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Country kitchen to pinterest pretty!

My besty who shalln't remain nameless... Shalln't shorn't Rachel Smith from had a solid country style table. She has had this for about 5 years now and it was a hand-me-down back then. There is nothing wrong with this table structurally or functionally, but cosmetically it needed a little work. So that's exactly what we did. I was visiting her and she showed me what she wanted on pinterest. I'm trying to learn all about the thing but still using the old interface on blogger so I doubt I'll be successful, anyways we headed off to the home depot and we were on a mission! We started this project around noon one day and it would have been done that very night if it weren't for those pesky kids and their snooping dog, wait nope that's not quite what happened. Actually the pesky kids thing is somewhat true, but we had other obligations. It was finished the next day by Rachel and it turned out Mind boggling beautiful, tastefull and terriffic!
As for the tutorial I'll give it quickly, but if you want a full detailed one just ask in the comment bar and leave your email and I  will give you the full rundown!

We completely sanded the top of each surface, chairs bench and table top.  Then we used a walnut stain.  We didn't even sand the legs we just painted them this pretty turquoise color.  Then we sanded the legs down past the black underneath paint and added the same walnut stain.  Then put a glaze on the blue and a polyurithane coat on the stain!