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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Keepin' it Classy

Saturdays often are filled with basketball, soccer, cleaning, grocery shopping and lots of other obligations squished all in between.  But every now and again in between these events I find myself sneaking off to the Goodwill or thrift store.  I'm hoping to move up to the BIG LEAGUES sometime in the near future and venture off to a flea market, but I dream.

I found a boring predictable office chair at the GOODWILL and took her home with me for about 5$

 I had a can of Black high gloss spray paint, a screw driver, a staple gun, and some cute fabric and I gave her a new outfit.  Hope she gets the job done and gets noticed in the office now!

It was just like an episode of "What not to wear" well maybe not EXACTLY like an episode but still.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Everybody LOVES a Cherrydo

Get it... cherrydo. cherry do.. chair redo.. yep I love the game MADGAB!
Anywho I also really REALLY love when I am able to snag a cheap good bones chair with a cushion.  This cute dainty little lady was at the GOODWILL and I took her floral little self home with me for about 5$.  She took a little trip to the spa and is now refreshed and remixed.  Is it creepy that I'm giving her a real persona?  Ya I know :/


Friday, March 14, 2014

Tried a pinterest DIY craft

This is a pinterest craft all my own! 
I bought this lovely foam wreath at my first visit to Hobby Lobby!  I had big plans for this baby.. And by big plans I mean no plans at all.  I meandered the store for a while and then I stumbled upon an idea.  I would wrap this wreath with this cute burlap and remembered the letters aisle.  I ran back over there and an idea was born....

I rolled the burlap into "roses" mmmm. okay ya that's what they look like right?  Then I hot glued them to the wreath that was wrapped in the cute red and khaki burlap. I spray painted "H" and hot glued the letter to the wreath.  The letter was incredibly light so I knew it wouldn't be a problem, however the problem was when I went to hang it on my front door I realized you couldn't even see the "H" due to my door being black... no problem right.  Well after pouting about it and being frustrated.  I painted the "H" in the this leftover blue paint from my craft with the Crown Royal project.

 And now here she is.... I sanded the edges and let the black show through and I still love it.  Oh happy endings are few and far between, but sweet.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A diamond in the rough... or something like that.  My little boy comes running inside with this nasty bottle of Crown Royal filled with mud water.. He was so excited and if I were a good mom I would have sanitized his little fingers and thrown this bottle
into a toxic waste bin, but a'las I am no such person.  Instead I hive-fived my five year old and made a little vase out of it!  I'm teaching them young.  First my sweet husband thoroughly washed the container
 Next I spray painted it using chalk board paint.  I only did this because I didn't have any rustoleum at home and I am very impatient once I have a project in mind.  So it works fine and I barely had to use any.
Next I brush painted on some sample paint that I had in the garage it's Valspar but I can't remember the color and the garage is so far away... let's call it blueish.  Then I gently sanded the paint off where the glass was beveled and voula!  I love it!!!
Fun and SOOOO easy!! Now I'm sending my little off the to dump.. JK ;)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Welcome guest :)

Today's menu AWESOMENESS and fruit and some chalk.  I found this great old school t.v. tray at the local thrift store.. that's the name of the store so I'm not just being vague and trying to keep it all to myself.  I promise It was  1.99$ and I think I put a total of about 7 bucks into it and now I have this great little addition to my guest room.  This little tray has it all a chalkboard top and a foldable stand and the happy color of yellow. Yes that's having "it all" in my world!  ENJOY and stay as long as you like
It just took a little sanding some chalkboard spray paint (I barely used any at all so I still have practically the entire can for another project) and some sample paint from LOWES. I already had the chalk and fruit.