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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This REMIX should be named because they really come from 2 different worlds.  One is a small wooden kitchen table, meant for a nook or sun room.  The chairs are metal and look like they could be sitting outside of a metal looking camper... see what I mean?

But with this table being so tiny these chairs were PERFECT for them to become a great match.  A match made in my garage.  The chairs were dainty enough to go with a dinette and this table had chalk paint on the top so we had to sand the crap out of it to get it back to a blank slate.
I had leftover fabric from one of my chair redo's. SCORE!  I love when I get to reuse a fabric.  I feel so thrifty and economic.  I decided since it was a dinette set to go a little funky with the colors and design.  Hoping for an apartment or condo type place for this beaut.... and that's exactly what I got.  A gal purchased this who moves quite a bit and lives Downtown Charleston and has limited spaced.  A perfect match.
The fabric came from Jo-Ann's and the paint is the Annie Sloan knock of that Lowes sells.  So since I brought it up I'm going to rate it.  NOT WORTH IT.  Great colors, but WAY overpriced and it didn't save me any time at all.  In fact I probably did more layers of paint than usual.  I don't particularly care for chalk paint anyways but I really won't be buying it again.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Have you ever been on a vacation and googled, or yelped or binged a place to eat?  Well I have and what about buying a new vacuum, or swing set, or gaming device or whatever and before you purchase the item you read the reviews.  Before you stay at a hotel you see the reviews.  But I've often thought to myself.  Most people MOST, only leave reviews when they're ticked, disappointed, or all out for revenge.  That goes for suitcases, cars, restaurants, hotels, etc... we all read reviews.  But if you're a business owner check your company's online presence and you may be surprised about the lack of reviews you have.  No reviews are almost as bad as negative reviews.  This is a new company hitting the online world that will help you not only have more reviews, but also to have online positive presence.  Check out

When life mimicks art!.... or PINTEREST

So I have 3 armoires just camping out in my garage, so I thought to myself hmmm maybe I should do something with 1 of these.  So I did a little pinteresting and found something I thought would look great.  Here is my inspiration.
Pretty huh! I thought so. So I mimicked it.  They say that mimickery is the highest form of flattery. This color has been quite the theme for me lately, but it's so bold, masculine, yet neutral.  I'm just basically obsessed with it. The buyers seem to be as well. And the bloggers who made the first one from EMILYCLARK.COM
Here is my version.
I'll be the first to admit the first one looks better, but in my defense the pictures were taken in poor lighting with a camera phone.  So although it's not quite as sharp I still really love it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Never give up on an ugly duck!

Never give up on an UGLY DUCK, that's what I always say!  Okay I just made that up but perhaps I should start saying it more often.  I bought this lovely piece from a guy who had a whole junk yard of treasured troves, what's a trove?  I'll look it up
noun: trove; plural noun: troves
  1. a store of valuable or delightful things.
    "the museum's trove of antique treasure"
So apparently I used it correctly.  I purchased this but had no way to get it home.  Keep in mind this fella was about 6ft2 and 250lbs and 50 years old.  He offered to follow me home and deliver it for me.  So.... being impulsive and impatient I said, not reluctantly whatsoever, SURE!  Then my youngest rolled down the window and hollers to the guy. "Hey wanna come over and play xbox wif me?"
Later I realized that this was not a very safe idea, but it's been quite a while and he hasn't come back to kill me so I think I'm in the clear.  This actually sat in my garage for quite some time awaiting my attention which I couldn't find time to give it.  Then after one very long day I pulled into the garage and one of my boys swings open the car door with all his might and cracked the beveled window.  It was okay though, because after I whimpered and moaned about it, I realized it was a fiber glass anyways and wasn't very slightly.  So I just popped it out and guess what, CHICKEN BUTT... Nope, but close CHICKEN WIRE. Yes chicken wire.  Made this look uhmazin' if I do say so myself.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pottery Barn desk turned Pottery Barn inspired desk

Has anyone else noticed that if you buy anything on or or any other outlets the sellers always and I mean ALWAYS say "Anthropology inspired" or "Kate Spade inspired" etc.
So this is an ACTUAL Pottery Barn desk but it's boring and dull and lost an interest it once held in a room.  So we thought we would go and get some inspiration from some of it's cousins, see this desk probably used to be the cool, confident older cousin that occasionally showed up to family functions and when it did everyone would swoon, but then after a while and everyone else got their own identity and rooms to fill with delight this one just couldn't get out of the glory days.  So I talked to a few of it's family members and we decided it was time to go on to bigger and better things and that it was okay to change and evolve.  So here it is, This original Pottery Barn desk reinspired!  Whatya think?  I think it's ready for the family reunion!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Greek Key lime pie, I mean Greek key design

Short story here.  12$ for this pair of office looking chairs.  I thought they could be more of a patio look so I went Jo'anne's and purchased this glorious fabric with the Greek Key design. I think it was actually called Ladybug Key design, which makes little sense to me.  You know what else makes little sense... is when you work your rear off trying to make sure your remix is perfect and then the buyer shows up and says... this is going to be a great project piece for me, I'm going to redo the fabric!!! OH, YAY, WAIT WHAT???? That was the majority of my cost lady?  Oh well, I made money on it but wowzas whata waste of my efforts.

Goodwill to ME!!!

yAy and HoRRay for Goodwill I say.  Some people say there is no  goodwill on earth today but I don't know why because there are at least 10 in the tri city area.  So I found these and I paid 2.22 per chair. Yes, that is truth.  My husband who NEVER sees my vision EVER argued with me and thought this was going to be a lame purchase.. Well I hate to prove him wrong, wait no I don't I LOVE TO so that's EXACTLY what transpired... The chairs are actually quite IKATCHING!  Get it, the IKAT fabric.  eye catching, IKATCHING.  So they obviously caught my eye and then I told them that .  The make and design of this chair is actually quite modern and trendy I just updated it and painted the wood black. 

I bought a pair and sold them for 125$ to a gal moving to Germany and she was shipping her furniture.  Whatya think hubby said when I made it rain with that??? THAT'S RIGHT NOTHING!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Feast your eyes!

This table is fit for a feast wouldn't you say?  No you wouldn't because nobody ever leaves a comment, that's okay I don't need words of affirmation, I see the clicks of people who look and it's okay if a cat has your tongue.
I found this table on a facebook swap site and decided I would like to purchase it.... this is how it looked before
I sucked at getting a good before.  I mean you can't even see the chairs.  How lame of me, and lazy of me too.  Oh well after clicking this picture I stopped being lazy.  I started working my arse off on this amazing FREE table.  Yes I said free. How was it free you ask?  Well I saw this like I said on a facebook swap site.  I was going to pay 100$ for it and had my husband running off to pick it up, when the seller messages me and says that her husband broke 2 of the legs while moving it.  So she was just going to pitch it... WHAAAA?  No I'll still buy it, I was just going to offer her less.  She said, no way Jose I'm not selling this broken thing to anyone, but if you want it for free you're welcome to it.  Umm sure, I can do that. I'll take one for the team. This is what she was potentially chucking
 So gratefully I redid this FREE table.  I sent her a picture of the finished product so that she could see that there is always potential and to tell her thank you!
 Gorgeous style of table.  It's more of a really wide rectangle whereas a lot of these tables are very traditional rectangles this is much wider.  It has a leaf that make the measurements 84 inches long.  Oh my gosh I just love this table.  I don't even want to sell it, but if I kept everything I love I would have a buttload of empty chairs and tables stacked pretty high in my house.
  Just look at those pretty legs.  Who says the 80's had ugly furniture?  Well they kind of did.  I just watched Back to the Future with my kiddos today and the "future" house at the end had hideous furniture.  But so long as the skeleton is nice it can always be revived into something better.
I mean just look at this.  Holy schmoly.  It makes me want to cook a feast and then invite the finest of guests over for a feast, but lets be honest I have 3 boys and they tear things apart simply by breathing near it, so it's better off in a new home.
PAINT COLOR= Cobalt cannon by Valspar from Lowes
I used Annie sloan clear wax followed by dark wax
The fabulous fabric is from Hobby Lobby

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Who has not either owned one of these dressers or had a friend who's brother had this dresser? If you were born in the late 70's or 80's you know this dresser.  It's solid, it's masculine it's sturdy and well made.  It's also boring, blah and easily turns into exactly what this dresser turned into.... An invisible wasteland for all things to gravitate to and get stuck there indefinitely, until or unless someone magically gives you this heavy piece for free so that you can turn it into something new and cool.  Hopefully that's what I've accomplished with this piece.
I kind of hate the color that the flash changed the paint to, because it's a little off. The second picture  is more true to the actual new color.

Friday, April 10, 2015

A little bit of burlap goes "along" way

I scored this sweet table at my local Goodwill.  I only paid 40$ for the table, a leaf and 4 solid chairs.  I did a little research, (pinterest so obviously serious business) and came up with an idea for something a little different. Different for me at least.  I used a blueish paint and then annie sloan wax on top of that after sanding pieces and edges off the table.  I then went on the search for something a little different when it came to fabric. I found this comfy burlapy quilty sort of fabric.  Im in love with it and it was worth the extra time and research to make it happen.  Whatcha think?