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Saturday, April 30, 2011

2 Dollar decor worth much much more!!!

So Jeff saw this garage sale in our neighborhood and neglected to tell me about it... stinker. As I was driving by I stopped and snagged a sweet little cabinet/nightstand. It was in haggard condition but still a nice piece of solid wood to work with. It was their garbage pretty much, they gave it to me for 2$ and that's all it took for me to make it feel much better about itself!

Now she's sold for 25$! What a little love can do. I just taped off around the edges of the cutouts and painted them with a blue color that I had leftover from another re-do. A coat of white on the original knobs, then sanded the edges down a bit to give it the aged worn look.

Friday, April 22, 2011

just a little stool sample!


These stool's are just a sample of what can be done with a bit of sandpaper and some paint! They are real wood, which is a must when refinishing for me... I'm not advanced enough to take on too many other materials. They were $5.oo from the thrift store and they looked it. The butt's that sat upon wore out their welcome, and the paint..


So they made the jump.. Very simple butt ;) a huge difference! It's late sorry for the crude humor

This hutch is clutch!

Yes, yes it is! I found this beauty at a garage sale for 25.00. It was 80's style with the grandma hardware, but I knew there was a youngster just waiting to jump up from cougar status!

But look at her now! This piece jumped up from the Golden Girls to Modern Family! At first I was worried about the white squares but then realized that it was just what this piece needed to pop! It sold for 125.00 just a few days after I posted it on Craigslit.. I was actually very sad to see this piece go. But it made a fantastic jump up from 80's gold and 25.00 to 125.00 with just a little time and love!