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Friday, May 13, 2011

Butcher's block in jeans!

These beauties were a steal at 5 bucks a piece. Though they look ravishing in their blue jeans and all I had to take them from the 90's and bring them to the future! I love the fabric I found at Walmart. It was a little pricey because it was outdoor fabric, but well worth it.

P.S. The next 2 pictures are backwards!

This butcher's block of a table didn't look like much when I found it at Deseret Industries... But for 25 bucks I figured what the hay, right? Well First I sanded, then painted it green, then tried to do crackle,then painted it black which worked, but not how I wanted it to, so I painted over the whole thing with black and sanded away some so the green could come through. Then we put a 2 part epoxy on the top of the table and shazam a whole new concept!