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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life's a bowl full of chairy's

Tooth chairy, chairy God mother.  Yes all of those things.  I am in love with this remix.  This chair had a great bones, sturdy solid wooden legs.  Great beaded tacks, just a little worn and dated.  Now look at her, she's all like "Shazam!" She's all like "Excuse me I got so I'm gonna flaunt it" can't you just hear her saying this, and yes it's a girl.

I didn't sand this down.  I didn't prime it.  I just used a random color I had floating around in my garage.  It was a can of oops paint.. I would otherwise tell you the color, but I can't cause it doesn't have a name, okay okay I 'll name it.  bomb digity blue.  Okay now that that's settled I can finish the story.  I bought this fabric at Jo'Anne's.  I bought this chair for 5$ at the local thrift store.  I love it!  It's so fun, would you agree?  Nope you probably wont because like I've said before people don't ever comment on this blog eventhough it's obviously awesome.  But inside of your head you are silently agreeing!