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Monday, July 14, 2014

Remixing Again and it feels so good!

Free dresser remix and it's not your average once over!
We got a free dresser from some friends that are moving far, far away :( not happy about their move but grateful people give me their old junk when they leave! So my boys were in desperate and I mean desperate need of a dresser in their room.  Right now they have this little teensy eensy little thing and some plastic totes.  Needless to say it aint workin.  So when we scored this dresser we were pumped.  I had been researching what I wanted for their room.  It really doesn't have much of a theme but we like nostalgic type stuff so we started there.
We decided to go a navy, cobaltish kind of blue.  Well what actually happened is we had very limited time one afternoon while we were out and I ran and I mean ran into Lowes and grabbed whatever sample paint most closely matched my idea in my brain.  There it was already mixed cheap as could be.  I did this ENTIRE remix with ONE sample paint can. You can't even call it a can it's like a mini pickle jar or something.  So I lightly sanded it just to make sure there wasn't any residue or gunk like sticky tape or glue leftover.  Then I began to paint.  And it went fast and the hardest part believe it or not wasn't applying the maps, but finding them.  We had the UTAH map but we lost or threw away the S.C. map.  I went to 5 gas stations, a Walgreens, 1 hotel,  Cracker Barrel, World Market, Target and FINALLY to a Walmart before I found a map!??!?!  I mean I know we have GPS now and everything but maps are good they're important and they are good cheap decorations. sheesh.
We found these sweet knobs at World Market the paint at Lowes it's called Indigo Cloth and like I said the maps at Wally World or Walmart.  The pulls we used were also purchased at Lowes.  We had to drill our own holes because the size on the original dresser are not really mass produced at most hardware stores.  I always recommend going to the right knob over the perfect measurement because you can change the measurement if you HAVE to, but make sure you love the knob.  It's important.  It's the knob.
So we Mod Podged the wood where we wanted the map to go then carefully laid the map down.  Mod Podged the top, let it dry, then razored the edges off.  We aren't perfectionist so neither is this dresser but we like it and we have our sanity.  I even accidentally put one of the maps upside down.  But who knows?  Well besides the reader and map dresser inspectors, then nobody else.  We love it and I hope you do too!