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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Desk Feaux Pa

So Nobody's perfect right?  This desk from American Drew Furniture company was that same old 80's dated look.  I thought I would do something a little different with it.  So I sanded each drawer down and stained it a dark walnut color, then proceeded to paint the rest of the desk this awesome emerald green color.  I seriously thought it was awesome. And you know what?  I still do.  But apparently I'm THE only one who thinks so. I can't sell this puppy.  So after lowering the price several times and being stood up a few other times I finally relented and painted it another color.

 To this clean and safe white.  Here is the problem... Still no sale. Any suggestions?  I'm asking 100.00 which is really fair I think considering its a nice brand name with 4 working drawers, solid wood and the original matching chair.  Also I have now painted it twice so if it doesn't go I guess it'll be mine instead.  I know most of my followers aren't too big on the whole leaving a comment thing, but would y'all mind chiming in on this one?  The artistic side of me doesn't really like a whole lot of advice, because then it sort of takes away from my creativity, but the business side of me desperately wants to figure this puzzle out.  I usually sell stuff promptly but this puppy has me confused.

p.s. the craziest part is it's gotten pinned quite a few times when it was the green color, so it must not be too hideous.... right?  Unless it's in someone's board called "hideous redo's"