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Monday, April 20, 2015

Pottery Barn desk turned Pottery Barn inspired desk

Has anyone else noticed that if you buy anything on or or any other outlets the sellers always and I mean ALWAYS say "Anthropology inspired" or "Kate Spade inspired" etc.
So this is an ACTUAL Pottery Barn desk but it's boring and dull and lost an interest it once held in a room.  So we thought we would go and get some inspiration from some of it's cousins, see this desk probably used to be the cool, confident older cousin that occasionally showed up to family functions and when it did everyone would swoon, but then after a while and everyone else got their own identity and rooms to fill with delight this one just couldn't get out of the glory days.  So I talked to a few of it's family members and we decided it was time to go on to bigger and better things and that it was okay to change and evolve.  So here it is, This original Pottery Barn desk reinspired!  Whatya think?  I think it's ready for the family reunion!