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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Feast your eyes!

This table is fit for a feast wouldn't you say?  No you wouldn't because nobody ever leaves a comment, that's okay I don't need words of affirmation, I see the clicks of people who look and it's okay if a cat has your tongue.
I found this table on a facebook swap site and decided I would like to purchase it.... this is how it looked before
I sucked at getting a good before.  I mean you can't even see the chairs.  How lame of me, and lazy of me too.  Oh well after clicking this picture I stopped being lazy.  I started working my arse off on this amazing FREE table.  Yes I said free. How was it free you ask?  Well I saw this like I said on a facebook swap site.  I was going to pay 100$ for it and had my husband running off to pick it up, when the seller messages me and says that her husband broke 2 of the legs while moving it.  So she was just going to pitch it... WHAAAA?  No I'll still buy it, I was just going to offer her less.  She said, no way Jose I'm not selling this broken thing to anyone, but if you want it for free you're welcome to it.  Umm sure, I can do that. I'll take one for the team. This is what she was potentially chucking
 So gratefully I redid this FREE table.  I sent her a picture of the finished product so that she could see that there is always potential and to tell her thank you!
 Gorgeous style of table.  It's more of a really wide rectangle whereas a lot of these tables are very traditional rectangles this is much wider.  It has a leaf that make the measurements 84 inches long.  Oh my gosh I just love this table.  I don't even want to sell it, but if I kept everything I love I would have a buttload of empty chairs and tables stacked pretty high in my house.
  Just look at those pretty legs.  Who says the 80's had ugly furniture?  Well they kind of did.  I just watched Back to the Future with my kiddos today and the "future" house at the end had hideous furniture.  But so long as the skeleton is nice it can always be revived into something better.
I mean just look at this.  Holy schmoly.  It makes me want to cook a feast and then invite the finest of guests over for a feast, but lets be honest I have 3 boys and they tear things apart simply by breathing near it, so it's better off in a new home.
PAINT COLOR= Cobalt cannon by Valspar from Lowes
I used Annie sloan clear wax followed by dark wax
The fabulous fabric is from Hobby Lobby