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Sunday, June 30, 2013

New identity

This was a fun little project because it was for a friend, which I don't often do, not because I don't want to just because usually my projects are for random strangers I've never met. This is a pottery barn children's table that was accidentally left outside overnight. Well here in the south that isn't good. There could be absolutely no sign of a storm and boom you've got 10" of rain like that. So I wanted to give this table the same purpose with a new identity. Something it could be proud of. What better than a namesake?
First I sanded down the beat up worn down rained on top, next I put sticker letters on the table then I spray painted it white, then I used a staining pen that you can get at any big box store and filled in the letters, finally I used minwax stain lightly all over it to give it a warm look.