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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Life, New Blood

This dresser if from the early 70's and because it is I knew I would be working with great workmanship and solid wood, I also knew that every single piece of furniture then was this orangey oak color. It's fine, but yawn what were we even talking about? Oh ya that dresser. My friend was threatening her hubby that it was trash unless he allowed her to redo it. He obliged and she gave me the opportunity to change this dresser's future. So instead of going to goodwill (which I love by the way) it got to stay in the home and even in their room! Everyone WINS!!! I sanded it painted it this wonderful color which escaping my mind right now and then used Annie Sloan wax to help age it and give it some more personality. Then we changed the handles and boom it's modern, antique, shabby, sheek... and caught a second chance at life. Amazing what a little makeup can do!