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Sunday, September 21, 2014

It doesn't have to be drastic to make a huge difference... see post below to believe me

Friday garage sale with my boo! I like Friday garage sales because it seems more casual and laid back.  I know ALL garage sales are casual, but you know what I mean.  Saturday garage sales are crazy full of inspectors looking for just the right trinket they can put in their no doubtedly already cluttered home.  That sounded judgemental or stereotypical but that's because I have those people (whom I love to the moon and back) in my family. So on a sunny Friday me and my baby daddy went to a huge garage sale.  Among the seas of trinkets and memorabilia I found a cute and unassuming bench in the corner with stuff piled on top of it.  Why am I giving this bench a personality and storyline??  Uh I'm not sure I'm just being dramatic I suppose, but I digress.  Anyways this bench was sorta average and boring, but I knew I could find a way to give her a 2nd chance at life.  So the inspiration began....
See what I mean.  Kind of dull or at least plain.  But I like her legs.  She is sturdy and reliable. Now she needs pizazz.  If you follow my blog at all or at least check it once in a while you'll now I'm all about color.  Hence the pizazz.  So I went all out, with pizazz but did nothing drastic.  I painted her legs with a tester paint and added a couple pillows that I found at world market for half off and now she is ready for the ball.  Or at least she is ready for my entry way. This took me all of 15 mintues