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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


So when I say easy peasy what I actually mean is frustrating and frustrating.  It should have been easy and it will be easy next time.....if there is a next time.  I wanted to save mula by DYIng a burlap wreath  I ended up spending just as much money and a lot of time. First I ran out of burlap then when I got more burlap I realized (of course only after finishing) that it was a slightly different shade of burlap, but enough to be noticeable. So I had to pull that off and since I had used hot glue instead of pipe cleaners to tie on the different spots it was completely ruined.  But anyways.  I used a youtube video to help me make my "easy to do burlap wreath" It turns out it was sort of easy I just get impatient and want to start before I have all my ducks in a row.  I recommend on a 12" wire wreath buying double the burlap because worst case scenario you have some extra burlap lying around, waiting for your next "easy to do burlap project"

The burlap was 5.95 at Walmart and I used 1 1/2 spools.  I avoided having to use pipe cleaners by tying the end on the lowest wrung towards the middle in a tight knot and then weaving and fluffing with a twist after each weave. 
Here are the steps
#1 Tie a knot with burlap around the closest to the middle wrung. 
#2 pull burlap through the first gap. make sure burlap is folded if it is a wide spool. 
#3 Next twist the burlap and pull through in opposite direction through the next wrung.
#4 Keep adjusting and fluffling and perfecting until it's just as you'd like it to be.
I super glued some parts of the burlap to the wire wreath just to make sure it didn't get too curious and start venturing off of the wreath