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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Buffet/tv console/dresser

Or ALL of the above.  So I found this piece at a local thrift store.  It's actually the bottom half of a china hutch.  I brought the whole thing home but decided fixing the top of the hutch wasn't really worth it, so I just worked on the bottom half. It was such a pretty piece and very sturdy and in pretty good shape, so all I really had to do was get my remix on, and so I did.
I love the little shell design on each door.  I knew that with the right paint color and sanding job this piece could have a whole new life, purpose and fit in a totally different kind of home.
So I'm pretty slack because my phone has been dropped like 99 times and the lense has these splotches on it but I'm too lazy (and cheap) to replace it or use my real camera.  So hopefully you can still see the masterpiece
Check out these killer knobs from World Market, my absolute favorite place to purchase knobs.