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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

From the roadside to the inside

So my good friend Derrek text me and said "yo mama I picked up a solid wood table for you on the side of the road" Nope, he isn't Italian in case you were wondering.  Sounds a little something like Joey Tribiani would say.  He's actually southern, but anyways I love when my good friends love me enough to pick crap up off the side of the road.. I bet your friends don't do that for you. You should probably get better friends but I digress.  I'll be honest when I first brought this home I thought..... YUCK! No wonder why someone threw it out and left it for the vultures to take.  It was in some pretty rough shape.  Moldy looking spots and dirt upon dirt upon dirt.
See what I mean.
But when I finally got my wand out (the sander) and by me I mean my husband and began sanding the beauty underneath came shining through.  This piece was really in great condition, just a little sanding and painting and staining were in order.  It was very solid and therefore easy to work with.  I decided to paint the legs a fun aqua color and just stain and seal the top.
It was perfect square 30x30 and was perfect for it's new home.  A sweet grandma purchased this piece not 5 minutes after I posted it.  She watched her grandkids and had previously had a cheapy plastic kid table for them which was promptly destroyed.  Try destroying this beaut I say, it won't be so easy.  After all it withstood the severe conditions of being outside in the humid south for who knows how long before being rescued and remixed.