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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Never give up on an ugly duck!

Never give up on an UGLY DUCK, that's what I always say!  Okay I just made that up but perhaps I should start saying it more often.  I bought this lovely piece from a guy who had a whole junk yard of treasured troves, what's a trove?  I'll look it up
noun: trove; plural noun: troves
  1. a store of valuable or delightful things.
    "the museum's trove of antique treasure"
So apparently I used it correctly.  I purchased this but had no way to get it home.  Keep in mind this fella was about 6ft2 and 250lbs and 50 years old.  He offered to follow me home and deliver it for me.  So.... being impulsive and impatient I said, not reluctantly whatsoever, SURE!  Then my youngest rolled down the window and hollers to the guy. "Hey wanna come over and play xbox wif me?"
Later I realized that this was not a very safe idea, but it's been quite a while and he hasn't come back to kill me so I think I'm in the clear.  This actually sat in my garage for quite some time awaiting my attention which I couldn't find time to give it.  Then after one very long day I pulled into the garage and one of my boys swings open the car door with all his might and cracked the beveled window.  It was okay though, because after I whimpered and moaned about it, I realized it was a fiber glass anyways and wasn't very slightly.  So I just popped it out and guess what, CHICKEN BUTT... Nope, but close CHICKEN WIRE. Yes chicken wire.  Made this look uhmazin' if I do say so myself.