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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Goodwill to ME!!!

yAy and HoRRay for Goodwill I say.  Some people say there is no  goodwill on earth today but I don't know why because there are at least 10 in the tri city area.  So I found these and I paid 2.22 per chair. Yes, that is truth.  My husband who NEVER sees my vision EVER argued with me and thought this was going to be a lame purchase.. Well I hate to prove him wrong, wait no I don't I LOVE TO so that's EXACTLY what transpired... The chairs are actually quite IKATCHING!  Get it, the IKAT fabric.  eye catching, IKATCHING.  So they obviously caught my eye and then I told them that .  The make and design of this chair is actually quite modern and trendy I just updated it and painted the wood black. 

I bought a pair and sold them for 125$ to a gal moving to Germany and she was shipping her furniture.  Whatya think hubby said when I made it rain with that??? THAT'S RIGHT NOTHING!