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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Best Dinette I've ever loved!!!!

Sweet deal on this classic round table. Real wood only cost me 5.60.

This ugly chair had a twin, honestly I didn't even see the potential in it but I figured it could be of some use sometime. I had another set of chairs but sadly I cannot get the before uploaded.

With a little imagination and some paint and fabric this has become dare I say my most favorite transformation. This again was kind of insprired by my husband. He is really getting an eye for design I don't know if he would like to admit that but he doesn't mind cashing the checks from selling these. The fabric was from Joanne's and the yellow paint was Bher Solar Fusion and the red was ummm like cherry red or something from Bher, the brown on the table was from Walmart and is called Decadent. I used a gloss and then we brushed on a mini-wax. This is so fun and cute and I envision it in somebody's home making them happy everytime they see it.