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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gettin' Trashy!!

SSo I bought a trash can at the thrift store... I've never done that before and my husband was seriously considering taking away my shopping priviledges. However I thought maybe I would use it as a hamper. I've decided that it'll be my outside trash can. I know I know. That's lame, but I made it girly and it just doesn't go in the boy's room as a hamper. Dang it I'm wishing I had done it boyish. Oh well moving on....

So here she is all dressed up with no where to go but the garage!! It was a rainy day when I was painting this one and I just had some fun with it!

I bought oops paint at the Home Depot for 50 cents and used a stencil I got at Michaels. This probably took me a total of 45 minutes. So easy so cheap... wait all of those words sound "trashy" oh well ALL true ;)