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Monday, September 26, 2011


Yes this dresser was old school, plain, cliche of a boys room in the 80's, but I loved it. I was excited to work with this. I've been craving (I know crave is a weird word for redoing furniture) anywhoo I can only speak the truth and I truly was craving to work with planked wood like this. Why? Well if it isn't obvious why, then I'll tell ya, it's because there is something so planky about it. No really it's just very natural and old fashioned. It's fun to re-invent furniture and give it a new life, but sometimes just sometimes it's fun to restore furniture instead of of redoing it. Now I know it's original life wasn't completely the same but just painting the wood and staining the planks felt like it was suppose to be this way instead of giving it a new life altogether. Am I rambling? Oh well NOBODY EVER comments on this blog anyways, so it's sort of like I'm talking to myself..... Maybe I'll make a comment, then it will be like I'm not only talking to myself but now I'm answering myself too!