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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What is black and White and you can sit down on it?

My next post.... okay very lame, but true. These sad and extremely weathered chairs were destined for the dump but all they needed was a little remix and imagination and they are now ready for a photoshoot!

The chairs seemed like they had been outside in the weather for a while I wasn't sure if the wood was rotted but at 6 bucks a chair I figured I could take a chance. When I got them home my husband was (as usual) a doubting debbi, but as soon as we got the sandpaper on these bad boys we saw that the wood was actually really good and sturdy. Remember y.ou can NEVER go wrong with black and white. In selling furniture that is the #1 thing I have learned. Black and White however boring or usual it is WILL SELL!!!! I have redone masterful, unique, playful, beautiful and fun chairs... I love them and so does everyone else but most of us are too afraid of those adjectives. We tend to stick with the "status quo" whatever is safest. I went out on a limb with these and chose a zebra print. I think it makes the chairs a little more daring! They have since found a new home and what was once junk is now a jump up to fabulous!