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Monday, May 5, 2014

My boy's baptism. Theme I like to look for rainbows!

When my little's baptismal date was coming up I knew I wanted a theme.  I like CTR but I needed something else to go with it, so where did I turn to?  PINTEREST! Of course.  I love the song
                                             "When I am baptized"

                                          Saw this on pinterest and had my friend make it
                                                              It turned out AMAZING!

                                                           I went a little ROY G BIV nuts
                                I had one of our Young Women sing this primary song and I passed out the words.  We invited a lot of friends who were not members of our faith and it was good to be able to share such a wonderful and important day with them, and include them.

 Instead of cutting the cake for everyone (we had over 100 people attend) we decided to do the oreos and that way the kids could just grab them.  I would recommend next time suggesting two per kid.  They were taking one of each color and we ran out.

               A HUGE salad and yummy fruit bowl was very refreshing and a perfect side to our bbq