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Sunday, June 8, 2014


I was drivin along in my automobile... and I happened upon a couple of places that sold old furniture.  They weren't thrift stores exactly, I'm not really sure what they were.  Remember the show
Sandford & Son?  It was more like that. So ya a junkyard I guess.  Anyways re-doers like me feel right at home at places like that.  So I pulled up and started wandering around when a big 300 pound fella comes out of nowhere (how did he do that?  I have no idea) and asks me what I'm interested in. I see this hutch and ask what he wants for it, he tells me if I'll take it right now I can have it for 60$ I agree and he follows me home.  Which I realize isn't the smartest idea in the world but I'm still alive so I guess it turned out okay... Meanwhile McCoy rolls the window down and asks the dude if he wants to come over and play xbox... KIDS!

I thought these had some great bones.  It just needed a little life breathed into it.  This project took me all of about 1 day.  My husband helped me paint and sand, which was awesome since I usually can't wait for him to come home before I get going.  I know it's somewhat predictable but I really really like how it turned out and hope to find a great new home for it soon.
I just used regular Home Depot Glidden paint, but then used annie sloan wax for the aged look.  I kept the original pulls since the size was so unique they didn't even sell any at all in either of my local hardware stores. I thought they actually looked really good once the hutch was white.

After I was finished with this and as it was sitting in my garage my sweet child who shall remain nameless opened the car door rather swiftly and with much strength and put a huge crack in the plexiglass... Yes it was plexiglass not actual glass.  So it sat in my garage broken all summer until I got some handy dandy chicken wire and fixed this little problem of ours right up.  It was on craigslist of a total of about an hour before there was a biding war.  So nameless child.... THANK YOU