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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween for cheap

Just a few of my favorite and cheap costume ideas over the years.  I hope you can find some cheap and quick solutions for the anti-superman, Disney character costumes that are expensive and let's be honest                    
 So I saw the popcorn costume idea on pinterest.  This cost me $1.50 because I had popcorn, a helmet and hot glue and paint.  I simply sprayed the box white and then taped it off and painted the red with some sample paint and a small brush. The smurf was just about as cheap.  I got the beanie for .97 cents at Walmart and the stockings for 2.50 then I used Halloween makeup for the body
 These wise guys were a cheap costume that won them "BEST COSTUME" at 2 different Halloween parties. This costume entailed church clothes, sticks they found in the woods, hemp for the suspenders, eye liner (for the wrinkles) and the only things that were actually purchased were the mustaches and the white hair spray.  The mustaches could have even been drawn on, but I decided to splurge!
 1st up Nacho or NACHOOOOOOO The sweats were purchased at Walmart for 3.48 The undie looking things were actually leggings that I found at Khols in the girls section.  We cut the bottoms off and used them for the "boots" and then as the underware part.  It was actually a headache because I couldn't find any RED underoos anywhere! I bought the shoe laces at Walmart for 1.50 but later found 6 pair for 1.00 at the dollar tree, but since I only needed 1 pair and didn't feel like driving back to wallyworld I relented.  The "cape" is a red t-shirt I bought at the dollar tree. As for the "ELF on the Shelf" I bought a red turtle neck at Walmart for 3.48 and half a yard of felt for 1.50.  I then ran ALL OVER TARNATION.  If you're a mom then you have been to tarnation A LOT!  I couldn't find white gloves.  Finally I located some at a Dollar General.  They came in a 3 pack for girls.  I took the white ones and gave the girly pairs to a friend.  The pants were also a problem.  I couldn't find all red sweats, or pants.  I checked Target, Walmart, Dollar General, Family Dollar, The Dollar Tree and Kohls all to no avail.  I finally found some that would work at the Good Will.  for 2.50 my mom had the hat in her Christmas décor and we fashioned a strap to keep it on his head, which he only did for a little while.  There is a lot of running around to do when you're trunk or trick or treating.  I won't go into the phantom since it was mostly store bought, but we used his church clothes instead of buying a full outfit.
 This is a couple costume that tricked everyone including Jeff's mom.  She literally had NO IDEA who we were when we knocked on her door.  This was easy peasy.  Again Jeff wore his church clothes, stuff a pillow in his shirt and found his old missionary tag.  He even scrounged up these glasses in one of his boxes in the garage.  Why he's been carrying them around and where did they come from we may never know.  I bought myself a wig and glasses at the dollar tree and a skirt and jacket from the D.I. which is a thrift store.  The whole thing cost me 20.00 but that's only because the wig was like 15.00 Jeff's was practically free except for the white hair spray  We won "BEST COUPLE" costume at the Halloween party we attended.
 This one is easy because the kids had to go as "book characters" for the school parade.  This is the same year they were old men so I wasn't about to go buy some costume.  We bought 1 cape and had the other from some other costume.  Church clothes AGAIN glasses from the Dollar General Halloween makeup for the scar, but I could have made it with nail polish.  The wands were sticks they found.  Both costumes cost less than 12.00 and they loved being this nemesis duo!
 Oh McCoy!  This is a pinterest score.  A cardboard  box, red duct tape and Dixie cups with a little bit of hot glue.  Total cost 6$ He loved ALL the "treats" he found that night.

The wolf is another easy "storybook character" for school parades or places where they can't wear a mask or go shirtless ie; the smurf and Nacho. My son has wild and crazy wavy thick amazing hair so we just teased it and sprayed it and with eye liner colored in his eyebrows, nose and "facial hair" Then I hot glued pieces of a wig that we had in our Halloween bin onto his shirt and bottom of his pants.  The hair comes right off.  You can either rip the hot glue off or cut the hair and toss the shirt in the washing machine.