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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Enfamous or famous pinewood derby

There comes a time in  a Mormon boys life when he enters the scouting program and gets to compete in the PINEWOOD DERBY. (any boy in the scouting program) This is a milestone and something both father and son look forward to.  Jeff and Cru probably procrastinated a little on this first derby but what I was most proud of wasn't the amount of sanding, going back and forth to different stores for correct supplies, painting, putting on wheels or even time spent together working on this derby car.  NOPE! It also wasn't Cru racing the winning car (which he didn't) he came in 3rd place LITERALLY every single race. Kind of hilarious actually.  No matter which lane and no matter who he raced against it was 3rd every time.  What I as a mom have been concerned about and worked on has been Cru's ability to accept defeat with grace and sportsmanship.  He is passionate.  I love that about him.  I do not need to light a fire under him to get him to compete. He is all fire.  The problem is if he doesn't win he breaks down.  He cries.  He makes excuses and gets way too emotional about the details. While I think attention to detail can be important and even "game changing" I also think sometimes and maybe often times attention to detail is more of a vice because the attention to the details become a distraction on the greater goal or point of competing in the first place.  We didn't build the perfect car.  We didn't build the winning car, but by building a less than great effort of a car Cru learned a lesson.  He came in 3rd.  He didn't win.  He didn't even get to race in the final heat.  But what he did do, was congratulate the winners.  He didn't do it merely out of obligation he did it because for perhaps the first time ever he understood what competing is all about.  Their are always winners and losers and it's important to never always be one, but sometimes both.  That makes perfect sense to me if not to anyone else.  He was happy.  He understood that he could have worked harder, but he didn't make excuses or dwell on those imperfections instead he smiled.  He lit up while racing and when his car wasn't on the track he continued to light up while his cousin's was (who won the whole shebang).  I've seen him catch the 20 yard pass and run for the winning touch down as time ran out.  I've seen him kick a penalty goal and blow it past the goalie.  I've seen him win race after race against teammates, cousins and friends and although of course those things make me proud of his efforts and even some of them have brought me to my feet cheering louder than anyone else, nothing has brought more happiness to my soul than watching a personality trait start to take hold in my son.  A trait that does not come natural.  I saw true development and I've NEVER been more proud or pleased with a result of competition than I was with my perpetual 3rd place finishing racer and 1st place beginning person!
                                     On a side note, how cute is this little scout?
 My contribution to the race car themed snack.  Saw it on pinterest and it was easier than baking something and the kids even helped me make these guys.  Don't worry we sanitized hands several times during the making.