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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Welcome guest :)

Today's menu AWESOMENESS and fruit and some chalk.  I found this great old school t.v. tray at the local thrift store.. that's the name of the store so I'm not just being vague and trying to keep it all to myself.  I promise It was  1.99$ and I think I put a total of about 7 bucks into it and now I have this great little addition to my guest room.  This little tray has it all a chalkboard top and a foldable stand and the happy color of yellow. Yes that's having "it all" in my world!  ENJOY and stay as long as you like
It just took a little sanding some chalkboard spray paint (I barely used any at all so I still have practically the entire can for another project) and some sample paint from LOWES. I already had the chalk and fruit.