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Saturday, March 8, 2014

A diamond in the rough... or something like that.  My little boy comes running inside with this nasty bottle of Crown Royal filled with mud water.. He was so excited and if I were a good mom I would have sanitized his little fingers and thrown this bottle
into a toxic waste bin, but a'las I am no such person.  Instead I hive-fived my five year old and made a little vase out of it!  I'm teaching them young.  First my sweet husband thoroughly washed the container
 Next I spray painted it using chalk board paint.  I only did this because I didn't have any rustoleum at home and I am very impatient once I have a project in mind.  So it works fine and I barely had to use any.
Next I brush painted on some sample paint that I had in the garage it's Valspar but I can't remember the color and the garage is so far away... let's call it blueish.  Then I gently sanded the paint off where the glass was beveled and voula!  I love it!!!
Fun and SOOOO easy!! Now I'm sending my little off the to dump.. JK ;)