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Friday, March 14, 2014

Tried a pinterest DIY craft

This is a pinterest craft all my own! 
I bought this lovely foam wreath at my first visit to Hobby Lobby!  I had big plans for this baby.. And by big plans I mean no plans at all.  I meandered the store for a while and then I stumbled upon an idea.  I would wrap this wreath with this cute burlap and remembered the letters aisle.  I ran back over there and an idea was born....

I rolled the burlap into "roses" mmmm. okay ya that's what they look like right?  Then I hot glued them to the wreath that was wrapped in the cute red and khaki burlap. I spray painted "H" and hot glued the letter to the wreath.  The letter was incredibly light so I knew it wouldn't be a problem, however the problem was when I went to hang it on my front door I realized you couldn't even see the "H" due to my door being black... no problem right.  Well after pouting about it and being frustrated.  I painted the "H" in the this leftover blue paint from my craft with the Crown Royal project.

 And now here she is.... I sanded the edges and let the black show through and I still love it.  Oh happy endings are few and far between, but sweet.