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Thursday, April 23, 2015


Have you ever been on a vacation and googled, or yelped or binged a place to eat?  Well I have and what about buying a new vacuum, or swing set, or gaming device or whatever and before you purchase the item you read the reviews.  Before you stay at a hotel you see the reviews.  But I've often thought to myself.  Most people MOST, only leave reviews when they're ticked, disappointed, or all out for revenge.  That goes for suitcases, cars, restaurants, hotels, etc... we all read reviews.  But if you're a business owner check your company's online presence and you may be surprised about the lack of reviews you have.  No reviews are almost as bad as negative reviews.  This is a new company hitting the online world that will help you not only have more reviews, but also to have online positive presence.  Check out