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Thursday, April 23, 2015

When life mimicks art!.... or PINTEREST

So I have 3 armoires just camping out in my garage, so I thought to myself hmmm maybe I should do something with 1 of these.  So I did a little pinteresting and found something I thought would look great.  Here is my inspiration.
Pretty huh! I thought so. So I mimicked it.  They say that mimickery is the highest form of flattery. This color has been quite the theme for me lately, but it's so bold, masculine, yet neutral.  I'm just basically obsessed with it. The buyers seem to be as well. And the bloggers who made the first one from EMILYCLARK.COM
Here is my version.
I'll be the first to admit the first one looks better, but in my defense the pictures were taken in poor lighting with a camera phone.  So although it's not quite as sharp I still really love it.